Designers have CAD drawing office backed by knowledgeable and experienced design and project engineers. Latest software used for Plant Modelling such as Smart Plant 3D.

Precision workmanship carried out in our fabrication workshop which is equipped with latest technology

The fabrication shop is full fledged to meet the best workmanship in different metals

Stringent quality checks and QA plan provided to ensure the highest quality

Total 30,000 Sq. Ft. crane area and about 80,000 Sq. Ft. open space with maximum crane capacity of 40 Tons is sufficient enough to cater any challenging jobs. State of the art TIG welding machines and CNC drilling machine to meet any quality standard.

We follow strict Quality Control in fabrication with Quality Assurance Plan approved by major Third Party Inspection Agencies including Lloyds Register, Jacobs Engineering, PDIL, etc. to name a few.


Our mission is to surpass client expectations,create fertile grounds as well as nurture long lasting professional ties and continue to consistently raise our own standards in terms of quality and performance.

  1. A world-class brand and the premier provider of value-added distillery projects and alcohol based chemical plants in India

  2. The most preferred Global partner in Process Consultancy, Engineering, Procurement and Construction for total Distillery and Chemical sector

  3. At the forefront of Distillery and Chemical sector operations with diligent support from our experienced and competent work force

Experienced Team for years

Nara Lala’s continued success over the years has been in large part due to a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and designers – highly experienced and knowledgeable aspects of construction and design of distillery plants and alcohol base chemical plants.

Moreover, having successfully supplied over 300 plants in India, the team has a specialised understanding of the unique challenges posed by construction within the country.
In addition to this Naran Lala’s has professional, reliable and highly-trained construction workforce.

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